Thursday, April 12, 2018

All About Faux wall Paneling

You may have heard of faux wall paneling, or have heard about it as an alternative to traditional decorating means. What are they though? why are they so important? What’s so great about them? Well, you’re about to find out. This article will discuss all about faux wall paneling, and why it’s so great.

First of all, they’re exactly what you think they are. They are paneling, so they go on top of walls or other surfaces, and you can get some that work both inside, and outside as well. Typically, they’re made to look authentic, like stone, or any sort of type of material that you want to have. They’re casted from a mold, and you can stick them to a surface with adhesive. Once they’re dried, they’re then painted to look exactly like the real thing. They’re an alternative to real paneling, which is great if you’re trying to help increase the value of your home, and save you a lot of money.

They’re super durable, which is what many like about them. They do last, and unlike other types of materials that break down after a while, faux panels are actually UV resistant, and they’re made to withstand whatever type of weather that is out there. If you’re worried about pests and the like getting them, remember that they are mildew, termite, mold, and even rot resistant. They’re also impervious to various moisture, which is why they’re great for using indoors and outdoors, and even on bathrooms and kitchen surfaces, since they can be cleaned easily and they won’t break down at all.

They’re also super affordable. You’ll notice that they’re a fraction of what you’d pay for authentic brick, stone, or even wood. If you think about it, it’s way better and more affordable in many ways. When you want to install something such as that, you need to hire someone to do all of this, and knows what they’re doing to give you an estimate. Then you have to calculate the grout and mortar that’s needed, and from there, you also need to take in heavy machinery, and about a week’s worth of labor. For wood, the costs are still higher, since you have the wood itself, and then the wood glue, the tools, and also the professional to install this. With these panels, you can really just pull off the adhesive and stick it, and you’ll be amazed at just how simple they are.

Speaking of which, they’re super DIY friendly. They’re a great DIY project, and you don’t have to worry about buying a ton of tools either. You also don’t need to hire a contractor for this as well. You can simply cut these out, apply with simple glue, caulking, and screws as needed. You do have to look at the type of panels to determine what you want to install, but in general they only take a few hours to put together.

Finally, these things are versatile, and I mean versatile. They can be used as siding outside, as a decorative factor, to help with kitchen backsplashes, in bathrooms and showers, as an accent wall in your home, in a wine cellar, in the basement and man cave, and so much more. You’ll realize with this you’ve got endless opportunities, and in essence, if you have a wall that you want to cover up and decorate, you can put faux wall paneling on there, whether you want wood, or faux stone panels, whichever works. You can even get ones for heat sources as well, such as gas stoves and fireplaces, and it will give you a whole array of different decorations that you can use to enhance your home, and it’s a way to make everything better.

You can use these faux panels to help decorate your home, and you’ll realize as well once you begin that it’s no wonder there are so many amazing uses to this, and you to can get the best results that you can possibly get with these amazing panels. You can use this in your next DIY project to truly help make it the best that it can be too.

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